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Victoria High School 1968
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 Sheryne Summers Wolters and Sue Shields

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Dwight Edens and Danny Everitt point to "Hanna" doing a table dance.

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Sherald Young Vick and James Godbe

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Paul Morrison, Sharon Leschber Church, Merry Keller Leake, and Ray Hodges. Bryla Bingham.

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Lisa Lynch Connor, Gloria Byrd Fric, and Tresia Garner Orsak

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Allan Lassman and new bride, aren Lassman, talk to Billy Cox. Stewart Hunt is in the background.

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Frances Kasper Laza and Mike Laza

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Kay Martin and Mary Thweatt hang out at the "Caution, Step up" sign just in case they have to catch someone tripping on the step.

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Tammy LaCasse Berkman and Andy Burge. Sherry Hobbs is in the background.

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Sue Shields, Sheryne Summers Wolters and husband, David.

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Debbie Toellner Rust, Iva Murphy Urban, and Tommy Rust.

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Sherry Hobbs and Merry Keller Leake

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Gerald Kinnison moves out of the way as Bubba King speeds by in his '57 Chevy.

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Gloria Byrd Fric also known as the "Class Ambassador" and "the Glue" for the Class of 68. John Scheumack is in the background.

VHS Reunion 1968 040.JPG (734998 bytes)

James Hazlewood and wife, Linda, talking to Estelle Miller.

VHS Reunion 1968 042.JPG (719438 bytes)

Shirley Meadors Weigelt

VHS Reunion 1968 050.JPG (692565 bytes)

Gerald Kinnison and David Fric.

VHS Reunion 1968 049.JPG (625006 bytes)

David Fric lurking in the shadows.

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Debbie Toellner Rust,  ??,  ??

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 John Walker (66),  Steve Prater (66), Mike Amick, and Herb Watts (66).

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Danny Everitt sings Happy Birthday to Estelle Miller, Donna Ford Terrell, and Loretta Hardy Jones. They all just turned 58 years young.

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Inside Fossati's Deli.

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The Class of 68 Victoriadores!

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The Class of 68 Victoriadores! 
Rebecca Mikeska, J'Cil Wuensche Horn, Sue Shields, Sherry Hobbs, Tammy LaCasse, Geanie Williams, Loretta Hardy, Debbie Boehnke, & Merry Keller.

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Sheryne Summers Wolters, Merry Keller Leake, and Sharon Leschber Church.

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The Class of 68 deceased display.

VHS Reunion 1968 045.JPG (697711 bytes)

Bubba King and Judy King in their '57 Chevy. It's the same car Bubba had in high school.

Click here to hear Danny's song in its entirety.